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IPA - Workers exchange

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  Within IPA Cross-border cooperation Programme Hungary-Serbia, Zoo Garden Palic is implementing the Project: Two European zoos enhancing education and environmental protection - part II. The most recent activities are based on workers exchange between zoos in Szeged and Palic. In this program the zoo has organized 4 shifts in duration of 3 days, for joint activities in Palic zoo. The idea is to exchange ideas, work experience and practical knowledge in groups consisting of 4 guests and 4 hosts joint in areas such as animal keepers, gardeners and zoo educators. In this way we are hoping to bring closer work of two zoos, not only on management level but in direct face-to-face contact and practical work.Within this project, so far, we have organized pupils exchange from cities of Seged and Subotica, and horse stable with classroom is under construction. Classroom is going to be fully equipped and used for educational activities through school year.0x08 graphic
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